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Boca Daze Review
By Gloria Feit

Eddie Perlmutter, a 61-year-old p.i. in Boca Raton, FL, is still a crusader who cannot, it seems, help himself: He has to save whatever otherwise lost causes present themselves, from homeless people living on the streets, beaches or wherever else, to the endangered sea turtles with nests on the shores. A former Boston cop who, as he says, was that city’s “most decorated and demoted policeman in my prime and best marksman on the force,” he retired to Boca three years ago. Widowed for many years, he is now living with his gorgeous [and much younger] Haitian-born girlfriend [whose own claim to fame includes cutting a man’s head off with a machete before leaving Haiti], still working with Louie Dewey, computer genius extraordinaire. Eddie having been dubbed the Boca Knight, and attained not a small bit of celebrity, by a young newspaper reporter, following an anti-Nazi rally in Palm Beach, among other things, he runs the Boca Knights Detective Agency, with Louie’s invaluable assistance...


Boca Daze Review
By Kittybooboo13

If you love mysteries, this book is for you as it was terrific! Not only could I NOT put it down, but I’m going to obtain his other book in this series (and check out any OTHER books he may have written to boot!). Very straightforward in his approach, but it’s the results which are spectacular. Mr. Forman deals with serious, real-life issues in a practical manner. He makes the reader aware of the dangers in medicine and how lax some loopholes are which contribute to hurt people instead of heal. Aside from the issues, it’s really about who committed the crimes and how they get their just desserts. I also enjoyed how little I needed to know about the previous book in this series to understand the characters, previous actions, and how the first book impacts the second book...


Eddie The Kid Review
By Michael Haskins

Steve Forman is the author of two well-received Eddie Perlmutter novels, BOCA ... I'm outlining a story now about three families who escape genocide in their ...


Boca Daze Review
By Jen Lorain

In the third novel of the Boca Knights series, Eddie Perlmutter finds himself investigating illegal pill mills, the death of a homeless man and a financial scammer. His reputation - both as the "Boca Knight" and as a former Boston police detective - helps open doors and make things happen. But his reputation can do nothing to smooth the way with his biggest challenge - erectile dysfunction (I really never thought I'd be typing that into a book review, but hey, this genre is full of surprises). Eddie faces some of the most heartless villains and those close to him could be prime targets...


Boca Daze Review
By Julie Jenkins

Steven M. Forman's third novel (following Boca Knights and Boca Mournings) checks back in with retired Boston cop Eddie Perlmutter, better known as the Boca Knight. Now firmly established as a private investigator in South Florida, Eddie is hit by several cases simultaneously...


Author releases third Boca detective novel


Fresh Meat: Boca Daze Review
By Terrie Farley Moran

He introduced himself as mystery writer Steven M. Forman. We talked about all the writers angst we shared and told a few glory stories as well. We exchanged...


‘I always believed I could be a writer,’ says Steven Forman
By Scott Eyman

The tone is set early in Steven M. Forman’s Boca Daze: "The median age in Boca is much higher than the national average. Violent crime is below the national average. Rape is rare and so is consensual sex." And we’re off with Forman’s third novel involving his alter ego Eddie Perlmutter, a man on the cusp of age in a South Florida geritocracy he doesn’t particularly care for. Before he decided to reinvent himself as a novelist with a taste for the comic, Forman made a fortune in the food service business – his company provides tuna and other fish for all Subway sandwich shops – which means that he happily violates the central premise of every writing teacher: Write what you know...


Eddie The Kid
A Review by: Deb Shlian

In his latest eBook novella titled "Eddie the Kid", Forman gives us a glimpse into Perlmutter's backstory beyond the Russian grandfather we met in Boca Knights. It's 1974 and 29-year-old Eddie, just six years on the police force and already a legend, catches a case that will test his investigative skills. Known as the Shotgun Man, a tall, thin masked man...


Boca Knights gets a"Thumbs Up!" Click Here

Boca Knights
Published in the Savannah Morning News

After a long and lauded career in the Boston PD – 34 years, two medals of honor, two medals for valor, three medals for merit, and a Commendation from the Mayor to boot – Eddie Perlmutter was finally forced into retirement for...


Boca Knights
A Review by: Louise Dewar

This is a delightful, feel-good page turner. The book jacket describes it as a “funny mystery novel”. It’s not even in the mystery ballpark, but it is funny. You can’t help but adore the hero, Eddie Perlmutter. He’s an ex cop from Boston who retires to Boca Raton...


Boca Knights
by Steven M. Forman

Eddie Perlmutter was always a street brawler, a “puny Jewish kid from the upscale suburb of Brookline,” Massachusetts, and from the time he was very young he wanted to be a cop. It is not too surprising, therefore, when he becomes first a boxer and then a cop, professions not high on his parents’ list of ambitions for their only child...


Boca Mournings
A Novel by: Steve Forman

Boca Mournings, the fast-paced sequel to Boca Knights, follows our hero Eddie Perlmutter as he continues his adventures in Boca Raton, Florida.
At 61, Eddie is one tough retired cop, but his retirement has done nothing to stop him from being the "Boca Knight," a celebrity and hero of justice for the people of Boca...


Rabbi Jack Riemer
I have noticed something strange lately. I have never seen a book in which a murder takes place in Deerfield Beach or in Delray or in Pompano or in Plantation. But I have seen lots of books in which a murder takes place in Boca Raton. I have no idea why that is.
The latest in the series of detective stories set in Boca is Boca Knights by Steven M. Forman. It is a fast moving, suspense full story, and I recommend it to you if you are a detective story buff....


Steve Glassman
Crime Story Author

While many who grow long in tooth and gray of head look forward to moving to the Sunbelt and filling hours with shuffleboard and bingo, Eddie Perlmutter, retired from the Boston PD and relocated to Boca Raton, occupies his time rounding up hate-crime-committing...


Prudy Taylor
Boca Raton News
If you live in a gated or country club community anywhere in the state of Florida or if you grew up in Boston, you owe it to yourself to read Boca Knights, a debut novel by Boca resident Steven M. Forman...

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Nils A. Shapiro
Book Reviewer
With his first-ever book, author Steve Forman has created a “monster.” I mean that in a very positive sense: In Eddie Perlmutter --- a pugnacious, highly decorated ex-cop from Boston who “retires” to Boca Raton to avoid the bitter cold winters that cripple the arthritic knees broken by run-ins with Boston’s criminal element --- Forman has come up with a literary character almost certain to end up on the motion picture screen…and Al Pacino would be perfect for the part...


Steve Glassman
Crime Story Author
Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Philip Roth with Elmore Leonard? This impressive crime debut may provide a hint. Long on back story, the saga of cop Eddie Perlmutter begins...


Rebecca Cantrell
International Thriller Writes
Eddie Perlmutter, the main character in Boca Knights, has been called "one of the best new characters to appear on the literary horizon in years" by bestselling author Gayle Lynds. A retired Boston cop, he's traded the cold streets of Boston for the sultry ones of Boca Raton. But he's about to discover that warmer doesn't mean safer, and a man with a strong sense of justice can't ever really retire...


Boca Knights


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