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"Fast, funny, and incredibly wise, Boca Knights by Steven M. Forman is a compulsive read that will make you want to live next door to its hero, Eddie Perlmutter, who is without a doubt one of the best new characters to appear on the literary horizon in years. Come on, Eddie, make me laugh. Oh, and that guy down the street with a gun, yeah, him.... Please handle. I wanna watch. Please."

Gayle Lynds
New York Times bestselling
author of The Last Spymaster


"Boca Mournings is a riotous, ribald look into the wacky world of South Florida.  Not since Carl Hiaasen at his peak has anyone captured the pothole-marred, driving impaired, and geriatric-dominated zaniness as well as the new master of the comic crime novel Steve Forman.  Forman's wit is as sharp as his prose and Eddie Perlmutter is the best hero of his kind since Donald Westlake's famed Dortmunder.  Side-splitting fun with a crackerjack plot added for good measure."

Jon Land,
Best Sellling Author


“Steve Forman strafes the south Florida scene with Boca Knights, an outrageously funny mystery novel with a raft of offbeat characters and prose that moves trippingly off the pen. His main man, Eddie Perlmutter, ex-Boston cop attempting semi-retirement in Boca Raton like a fish trying to retire out of the water, is a character for the ages. Carl Hiaasen, watch your back.”

Douglas Preston
New York Times bestselling
author of Blasphemy


"Boca Knights is something else. A retired hyperkinetic Jewish Boston cop with bad knees who loves women and sees red when faced with injustice! Wow. This guy Eddie Perlmutter is a charismatic hero in the most unlikely place, among the palms and babes of Boca Raton. A great read; terrific fun."

Robert K. Tanenbaum
New York Times bestselling
author of Capture and 20 other
Butch Karp legal thrillers


Like Elmore Leonard on speed... Steve Forman paints an imperishable portrait of a Boca Raton that's somehow hilarious and terrifying at the same time... BOCA KNIGHTS goes down faster than a frosty double mojito on a hot tropical night.

 — Lincoln Childs
New York Times bestselling
author of Deep Storm


"Boca Knights is a can’t-put-down read, full of laugh out loud humor, fast paced hijinks, and lore. Part Robert Parker, part Carl Hiaasen, Eddie Perlmutter is a high-testosterone, no-nonsense detective with a tender core, and makes turning sixty a carnal, tropical ride."

Andrew Gross
bestselling author of
The Blue Zone


"Boca Knights is a lively, lighthearted novel about a retired cop who can still pack a punch. Who knew that such a winning detective story could emerge from the gated communities of Florida's Gold Coast?”

Mark Alpert
author of Final Theory


"The only trouble I had with Steve Forman's first novel, Boca Knights, is that I couldn't put it down, and now that I've read it I'll have to wait for his next South Florida mystery novel.  Forman reminds me of Tim Dorsey, a pure pleasure to read.  Two bodies per chapter dished up with a dozen assorted belly laughs, titters and guffaws."

“Funny, engaging, even brilliant at times, Steve Forman’s Boca Knights is simply a great read.”

David Hagberg
bestselling author of
Dance with the Dragon


“Steve Forman’s fun, funky twist of the private eye novel is entertaining and takes dead aim on Boca Raton with devastating results.”

James O. Born,
author of Burn Zone


"Steve Forman is a brutally funny writer.  His no-nonsense, unadorned style begs comparison to Dashiell Hammett, but Hammett's humor at its darkest never hit home this hard.  Reading of Eddie Perlmutter's exploits is like rolling in an aisle paved with broken glass and wanting to do it all over again two minutes later."

Loren D. Estleman
author of FRAMES


"An inspiring story and wonderful cast of characters--but the star of the book, I venture to say, is my beloved Boca Raton!  I can't wait to present Boca Knights T-shirts to our own hometown heroes and visiting dignitaries after this entertaining book catches on, which it surely will.

Steven Abrams
Mayor of Boca Raton


Steve Forman’s Boca Knights has it all, humor, mystery, unexpected twists, Damon Runyonesque characters.  Terrific read.

 — Barry Kaye, Chairman
Barry Kaye Associates



Boca Knights


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