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Meet the Author


I was born in the Boston area in 1942, graduated the University of Massachusetts in 1963 and started my own seafood marketing company in 1970. I have always had a passion for writing but i did not publish my first book until 2009.

I devoted most of my adult life to building a one-man company into an world wide organization from the ground floors of Boston’s Haymarket square to the grounds of the emperor’s palace in Tokyo. I’ve seen small ideas grow into gigantic successes and I’ve played a part in creating entirely new industries that remain viable and vibrant today.

For More Information about my business career visit www.formanindustries.com

In 1992 my wife Barbara and I traded the cold New England winters for the warmth of Boca Raton, Florida and have been enjoying the best of both worlds since. The unique, contrasting life styles of Boston and Boca inspired me to write “Boca Knights”, the book I promised myself to write many years ago. The sequel, Boca Mournings was published in 2010 and the third book in the Boca trilogy, Boca Daze, January of 2012. An ebook novella entitled “Eddie The Kid” is also available.

My wife and I became Florida residents but we still divide our time between our two favorite cities. My daughter Jana, her kids Taylor and Bradley, as well as my son David, his wife Stacie and their kids Tyler and twins Shaina and Raquel have joined us in Florida. David and Stacie founded a pet food company www.weruva.comdedicated to rescuing the diets of the
domesticated animal kingdom.

I’ve learned that the business and literary worlds have much in common; create a good product, market it to the public and hope consumers buy it repeatedly. The main difference I have experienced between my two careers is the public’s perception. Over the years I‘ve sold millions and millions of pounds of seafood but no one has ever asked me to sign a piece of fish. Write a good book, however and suddenly a lot of people want my signature on something besides a check.

I hope you enjoy my books.





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