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Eddie Perlmutter, a fifty-nine-year-old highly decorated Boston cop, retired to Boca Raton, hoping for some peace and quiet after more than thirty years on the force. But before he could even get a tan he busted Russian mafia counterfeiters, unraveled the details of a mysterious death in a gated community, and saved damsels in distress from neo-Nazi punks. A local newspaper reporter wrote about Eddie’s exploits and nicknamed him the “Boca Knight,” a man willing to fight for everyone’s right to live in peace. Eddie Perlmutter was a hero all over again.

A widower for more than twenty years, Eddie becomes involved with two totally different women, but once he hangs out his P.I. shingle he has precious little time for romance. Eddie’s one-man Boca Knights Detective Agency has more cases than he can handle: a haunted elevator, a double kidnapping, an octogenarian bagel thief—and that’s just for starters. Quack doctors have to be busted; old hearts need fixing; scams must be exposed. While standing up for the underdog, Eddie doesn’t even have enough time to bend over for a prostate exam.

On top of his P.I. work, he’s got some unfinished business with one of the young neo-Nazi miscreants. He may have to fly halfway across the world to see justice done, if he isn’t cut down by Russian mafia bullets in the gayborhood or run over on a Boca street by a pint-size maniac in a huge Cadillac.

Retirement has never been so un-retiring.


Boca Knights


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