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Meet Eddie Perlmutter, a hero full of contradictions: feisty yet engaging; a baby-boomer with bad knees who has the drive and passion of a much younger man. A hero who can’t help righting wrongs when he sees them, his story is funny and serious all at once, and should inspire people of all generations.

Eddie was a cop in Boston for more than thirty years. A terrific cop, highly decorated and widely respected on the streets and in the station. He was a tough guy, afraid of nothing. Like his grandfather, who came to the New World from Russia, Eddie is passionately committed to justice for all, regardless of race, color, or creed. He has always defended the underdog. Eddie is too hot-blooded to stand by and too committed to back down. He stands up to bullies and confronts them head on. But his arthritic knees can’t take the harsh New England winters anymore. So he does the smart thing, takes a job in sunny Boca Raton, ready for a life of warm weather and Boca Babes.

But not even Boca Raton, the land of eternal sunshine, gorgeous golf courses, and the Early Bird Special, is free of the ravages of crime. When Eddie single-handedly captures a counterfeiting ring in their Ecstasy lab, he becomes an overnight sensation, the darling of the local press. Nobody has ever seen anything like this Senior Citizen superman. But there’s big trouble brewing for Eddie under cover of Boca’s tropical nights…

Boca Knights


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